SCOPANUM (Strategies of Communication during the Post-Accident phase of a NUclear disaster through social Media) is a research project aiming to understand the functions of Social Media and to build information technology devices to support the resilience process following a nuclear disaster. This project is a joint effort of the OUN team of the ELLIADD laboratory and CEPN, supported by grants from CSFRS and PMA.


(Cotfas et al., 2015)

Knowledge base


scopanum-guide is a set of scenarios developped to represent the information needs of people libing in long-term contaminated territories following anuclear disaster. Its creation was described in (Segault et al., 2015)

Current version : scopanum-guide_1.n3


scopanum-th is a thesaurus of radiation-safety domain knowledge.

Current version : scopanum-th_1.n3


Segault, A., Cotfas, L., Tajariol, F. (2015). A semantic system for knowledge sharing in post-nuclear-accident situations. Workshop on Semantics and Analytics for Emergency Response (SAFE2015). Kristiansand

Cotfas, L., Segault, A., Tajariol, F., Roxin, I. (2015). A Semantic Mobile Web Application for Radiation Safety in Contaminated Areas. 14th International Conference on Informatics in Economy. Bucarest