Conférence Internationale sur le E-Learning

Dates de l'événement: 
26 Juillet, 2010 - 29 Juillet, 2010

 Ioan Szilagyi assistera à la conférence E-learning(IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2010) à Freiburg en Allemagne à partir du 26 juillet 2010.  Il y présentera un article co-écrit avec Ioan Roxin intitulé "MODEL FOR AN ACTIVE SEMANTIC LEARNING SYSTEM" dont voici le résumé :


Nowadays web services implement new technologies in their attempt to offer adapted content and personalized ways to display that content. The learning systems must take advantage of these new technologies in order to be able to provide consistent, well-defined and high quality learning process. In this paper we present a model for an Active Semantic Learning System that makes use of semantic technologies. We use these technologies in order to provide consistent and pertinent learning resources to the learner. The Active Semantic Learning System encourages the active participation of the learners through the learning process providing adapted content to his needs. Using the personal profile of the learner the system provides personalized context for the learner in order to obtain efficient, faster and better learning performances.