10ème Conférence sur les technologies d'apprentissage avancées

Dates de l'événement: 
5 Juillet, 2010 - 7 Juillet, 2010

Ioan Szilagyi assistera à la 10ème conférence ICALT(International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies) à Sousse en Tunisie à partir du 5 juillet 2010.  Il y présentera un article co-écrit avec Radu Balog Crisan et Ioan Roxin intitulé "Kernel for a Semantic Learning Platform with adapted suggestions" dont voici le résumé :

An important aspect in the context of personalized learning is providing adapted suggestions to the learner. These suggestions consist in resources that are either specially designed for learning purposes or not, notably in the case of blog articles, forum discussions, etc. However, the objective is to help the learner in better understanding a concept, with any kind of additional resources. The offered suggestions are selected in close relation with the learner’s profile. The Learner Profile consists of the sum of specific learner characteristics that are used to describe the Learning Style, Learning Path, Learning goals, Knowledge Base, etc. The decisions about suggested resources are taken at the Kernel level, which represents the central part of the Semantic Learning Content Management System.